How Should My Boxing Gloves Fit?

Do you remember the first time you tried on boxing gloves, how does that feel? They feel like you have pushed your hands inside a foam balloon and can’t take it out without someone’s help. This is a common feeling that everyone experiences when they are new to boxing and other combat-based games. Boxing gloves should correctly fit the wearer’s hands for protection of hands. Below are some points you should keep in consideration for the right feel of gloves on hand.


The most basic criteria are fit of gloves. They must be in place and not moving around your hands unnecessarily or if it’s too tight there is no reason to force them on hand. The most comfortable feeling upon wearing boxing gloves describes as the gloves snuggly surrounding your hands. It must be lightly spacious and not feel too tight in the hand capsule. The thumb placement should also feel natural, able to control the movement rather than forced into an awkward angle. As a rule of thumb if you can wear your boxing gloves for two or more minutes longer without any tension in your thumb, wrist or overall hand you are good to go.


After the right fit, the next thing to focus on is the protection of hands. A good pair of boxing gloves are fit and well padded over the knuckles, back of the hand and sometimes the palm of hand depending on if you have sparring gloves for training. Some types of gloves have soft padding while others feel stiff and dense. Gloves with denser padding require ‘’breaking in’’ which means you need to wear them one or two times before they mold around your hands and feel as if you are wearing them comfortably for a long time.

A great deal of comfort level depends upon the personal preference for padding density. A person with larger hands may require heavier gloves or lighter gloves with less padding so they can adjust their hands easily into the hand capsule. However, a person with thin hands must opt for gloves with more padding for more shock absorption felt on their body. If you know your needs and requirements for a pair of boxing gloves that is fit for your hand you can easily decide on the right model of gloves for you.

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