How do you choose the best hand wraps for boxing?


Boxing is the easiest and best combat sport. Boxers used hand wraps for boxing behind boxing hand gloves for the protection of their hands and wrists. There are many different types of hand wraps for boxing. In this article, we come to know which type of hand wrap is used for what purpose and which one is the best. So here are some points that you have to ensure before buying them.

Hand wraps are used to secure your wrist and knuckles, so you have to ensure the quality of the hand wraps, which must be breathable and comfortable for your hands. Quality must be good enough to last long and show flexibility. Breathability, adjustability, super durability, and stretchability are the most important factors that you have to consider before choosing the best hand wraps for boxing.

You have to ensure their material is either 100 percent cotton or a combination of nylon and polyester. Because they are much more comfortable and durable.

Size and Length

Size and length are also important factors that you have to consider before buying hand wraps for boxing. The standard size or length in the market is 180 inches, but some boxers customize hand wraps according to their unique and different wrapping styles. Your hand wraps must be tight enough or loose enough that you feel comfortable wrapping them. You should choose your size and length wisely.


Always go for those hand wraps that are easily washable because hand wraps absorb sweat and there will be a foul smell due to excess sweating. So, always choose a pair of hand wraps that are easily washable.


Mainly, there are two types of professional hand wraps: those mostly used by fighters for boxing and they also used during training. Beginners mostly used training hand wraps. Some other types of boxing hand wraps are:

Quick Wraps

Some fighters use the quick wraps because they are easy and fast to use, they protect your hands, and they are highly recommended if you are a beginner. Quick wraps for boxing are the best hand wraps for boxing because they provide additional support to your wrist and knuckles and lessen the risk of injury. They provide extra protection and stability for your hands.

Cloth Wraps or Elastic Wraps

Cloth wrap is a simple 100 percent cotton material that is of traditional style and used by boxers or fighters to protect the hands. These cotton wraps are mostly used in a boxing gym during a training session.

Elastic wraps are similar to cloth wraps, but they are more elasticized and provide extra stretch and support to your hands.

Thumb Loop

Thumb loops are the easiest type of hand wraps, and they protect your wrist and thumb mostly. You use them behind boxing hand gloves.

Fingerless inner gloves

These hand wraps are not exactly hand wraps; they are actually inner gloves that are fingerless, and you can wear them behind hand gloves easily. They are much more comfortable. They offer general protection.

Tape and Gauze

Most professional boxers use tape and gauze as hand wraps, but there are some rules about how much you can use. Tape and gauze are the most comfortable hand wraps.

So, always take those hand wraps for boxing that you need.

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